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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  December 23, 2017 6:00am-6:02am CET

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s. . feel. spain's prime minister mariano rajoy has rejected an offer to the scots the political situation and cuts alone you're with separatists and said roy said he would meet with the leader of a pro madrid party which scored the best individual result in thursday's regional elections. the united nations security council has voted unanimously to impose
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fresh sanctions on north korea the move follows the country's latest ballistic missile test the u.s. drafted resolution limits the supply of petrol and crude oil to the isolated nation which could have a significant impact on its struggling economy. there have been clashes in bolivia is a strike by doctors the medical professionals and to this thirtieth day they are protesting against a new law that imposes heavy sanctions on doctors found guilty of harming patients many hospitals have been shut down. a court in new york has convicted two foremost chiefs of multiple corruption charges a man from paraguayan brazil took bribes for the you would of marketing on media rights these are the first convictions in a huge probe into soccer's governing body fever.
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bitcoin plunges on world markets down more than twenty percent recovering a little many still clinging to their faith in the cryptocurrency including a cafe in singapore where it is king. international takeover tussle in the skies brazil wools out relinquishing government control over embraer as boeing guys the aircraft maker. and. germany's renowned for its monsters of traditional trades but with the labor force twiddling the future of a manual skilled work could be a little labored. i've been physical and let's do business the bitcoin roller coaster ride continues after nearing twenty thousand dollars.


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